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Nimirum Announcement of 100% Turnover Growth for 2016 Proof that “Truth has a Future”

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Veröffentlicht: 15.12.2016

Lesezeit: 3 Minuten

Letzte Änderung: 06.09.2023

Research firm Nimirum announces 100% turnover growth. “In post-truth times, our clients need reliable facts more than ever,” says Christophe Fricker, Managing Partner. Client survey reveals that obtaining secure information is the main motivation for outsourcing research projects.

Strong Results in Core Markets / Clients Seeking Reliable Information and Recommendations

Leipzig/Bristol, 15 Dec 2016: Nimirum, the Bristol and Leipzig based Research firm, announces very strong growth figures for its sixth year on the market, with turnover doubled compared to 2015. A core team of eight coordinates global research undertaken by 400 hand-picked experts based in 65 countries, resulting in more than 30,000 pages of multi-disciplinary analysis and recommendations this year. According to a recent survey among 200 clients, what most of them value particularly highly is the reliability of information delivered by Nimirum.

“Our growth figures this year have been fantastic, and we are grateful to our clients and our dedicated staff and expert teams around the world for their commitment to research, especially in what has been labeled post-truth times,” says Anja Mutschler, a Managing Partner at Nimirum. Projects such as Synopsis E-Health are proof that multidisciplinary research services are attractive for public-sector clients as well: “We are more flexible than most universities, and less detached from scholarly research than most consultancies,” adds Mutschler, who is responsible for Marketing & Sales at Nimirum. Synopsis E-Health is a new health-focused online portal realised by Nimirum for Leopoldina, the German National Academy of Sciences in Halle/Saale. It is funded by Stuttgart-based Robert Bosch Foundation.

Results of a client survey carried out in the autumn of 2016 provide valuable insights into reasons for external research services to be commissioned:

  • 75% of clients agree that “external input has made us understand aspects of some of our of work which had so far been unclear to us.“
  • 92% say that external research services are used in projects where quality matters most, and both colleagues and clients need to impressed.
  • 79% confirm that “obtaining reliable information” is the primary reason for bringing an external research provider on board, although speed, cost savings, and easing workflow pressures may also be a factor.

Mutschler states that 2017 will see more cooperation with both corporate players and public institutions: “Our aim is to further expand our research portfolio.” It has become clear that Nimirum’s USP of working with hand-picked experts from all major academic disciplines in project-based teams including marketing insiders addresses a growing need across industries.

“When all the talk is about a post-truth society, our success is proof that the truth has a future. And I could think of hardly any field of knowledge that our experts and their networks do not have a reliable insight into,” says Dr Christophe Fricker, a Managing Partner at Nimirum and Head of Research and Partners. “It is through a well-established but flexible approach to team-building that we can quickly recruit expert teams for each project.” 4,000 years of knowledge, 200 PhDs, and an average 13 years of professional experience are some of the key data of Nimirum’s expert network. Nimirum moderates each research process in order to safeguard the privacy of both clients and experts, and delivers a final dossier that succinctly addresses client needs.

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